The Bear Clan Patrol is an indigenous-led grassroots group. They offer help for vulnerable people, including unhoused people, victims of domestic abuse, mental health related issues and they do so with compassion.

The meeting/main room of the Bear Clan den. This is where introductions are made, rules of patrols are given and the strategy for every patrol is discussed

L to R: Emily, Taylor McNallie and Yvonne Henderson a.k.a. Mamacita pack lunches for patrol. The bags of oranges, bottled water, juice boxes, packed cookies and more are prepared a night before patrols, and the sandwiches are added just before patrols every Friday night.

Packed moon bags containing female sanitary products to be handed out at patrol.

A volunteer prepares harm reduction kits to be handed out during patrol.

Cody pulls a loaded wagon for patrol

Cody smudges at the Bear Clan den. Every night before patrol, volunteers are encouraged to smudge to help them dissipate negative energy, strengthen their intuition on how to help people in need, and to improve their mood.

Volunteers help out a man on the ground just after calling the EMS for extra care. Volunteers are encouraged to call the EMS when situations might be out of control, however, the EMS is requested without police presence.

Black Lives Matter sticker is placed over a racist sticker on 5th street.

Cheyenne Raweater shares a laugh while on patrol

l to R: Craig, Dawn and Lux Mahoney attend to a distressed person with food and compassion.

The Bear Clan patrol is vocal about abolishing the police and encourages people to call Bear clan for help instead of CPS.

From L to R: Mamacita, Taylor Lambart, Taylor McNallie, and Brianna Marlene walk along 7th Avenue, S.W.

Returning to the den at the end of the night. Patrols don’t end until the wagons and mobile units are empty. 

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