Hi, my name is Onyie ekene-Obi, and I am a Calgary based photographer who is originally from Nigeria. I  love to photograph subjects in their pure and true elements, thereby bringing out the true beauty beneath the stories they embody. I am a family person so I love to take family portraits, maternity, newborns and just all things photography.
i am currently learning how to tell true stories through photography, that is the true definition of photojournalism. therefore i am currently invested in mastering this art. 
I also recently fell in love with sports photography. I think it is also a pure form of photography. I am able to capture emotions, grit, tenacity, joy, pain and laughter all in one game. I think sports is amazing and I am excited to photograph more sports and learn from my mistakes.
I am not afraid to make mistakes, but failure scares me. I find it exciting when I try a photographic technique and it works. The joy in my heart when that happens is unmatched, and I'm excited to share that joy with my subjects. I bet they feel the same excitement when they get beautiful photos after our sessions.
I would love to tell your story through my lens, so feel free to contact me if you want to collaborate on any project, if you need a photographer to tell your story in its true and purest form, or if you just need a friend you can count on.
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